Installing multiple versions of Windows or different from that used each day (e.g. Ubuntu or Mac OSX) on a computer is useful for testing functionality with a new version of the operating system (e.g. Ubuntu, Mac OSX, or Windows 8) for evaluating software or to ensure their compatibility in a new work environment. For software compatibility reasons, we may also need to keep an older version of Operating System or Windows on his PC.

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After a while, we often take the decision to remove an older version of Windows on his PC, because it is no longer useful. It is always possible to perform the operation manually by editing the boot loader for the Windows version in question is no longer displayed in the list to start the PC and just remove folders Windows that are no longer needed.

Or it may be considered to make formatting the HDD then install only the version of Windows which tend to your preferences. But it may be more interesting to do otherwise and that is what can make Nanwick Uninstaller Windows.
Nanwick Uninstaller Windows is a utility for those who have multiple versions of Windows and want to keep only one.

NanWick Windows Uninstaller is a free utility, you can download NanWick Windows Uninstaller, that lets users uninstall a Windows system installed in dual-boot (either with another version of Windows or other operating system). Erase utility for both Windows files on the disk, and its entry in the start menu.

How to use Nanwick Uninstaller Windows?

Windows Nanwick Uninstaller

  1. After installation of Nanwick, click on the Scan button to search for different versions of Windows installed, after the systems have been identified Drive letters that correspond to installations are Driver which windows to uninstall
  2. Then simply choose which system you want to delete. Folders and files used by the Windows version are deleted and the entry in the boot manager.NanWick uninstall Window

    The utility supports uninstall Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 and not earlier versions such as Windows XP.