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Mouselock fun is a web application that is designed to alert you via email as soon as a person try to take a look at your computer while you pee break or coffee to discover all your little secrets.

To start using this protection, you must authenticate to a Google Account to be used for sending mails. If your PC is equipped with a webcam, the picture of the person taking insensitive flag is attached to the message.

After authentication, you must enter a security code and place the mouse cursor in the space provided for this purpose on the screen and click. This code is used to unlock the mini protection.
If someone comes to move the mouse cursor and moves out of its housing, the intrusion is detected and it has a few seconds to enter the security code that has been defined in the first step. If the code is not entered correctly, an email with possibly the odd photo is sent. It also contains the date and time the package.
Then remains to manage the debriefing will follow the person guilty of this crime. If you can’t lock your screen completely, this is a way to at least catch the culprit.