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CloudON, a company that has confirmed the arrival of handy Microsoft Office for Android and iOS phones in March 2013; it’s completely free for Apple iPad and Android tablet subscribers. CloudON is now available on the iTunes Store and Google Play (Google App store).

The company (CloudON), with the launch of CloudOn v3.0, bringing the power of Microsoft Office to your pocket, CloudON has added the support for cloud storage Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

CloudON apps, that aren’t running from your phone, instead of they’re being streamed directly from CloudON’s servers, for free.

CloudON, therefore allows:

It designed for virtual workspace; you can store your documentation site or in the cloud storage, where other can accessed with their device. CloudON includes many of the features users expect when creating documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.


Phone users can finally use it to create, edit, save, view and share Microsoft Office documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint online directly from your iPad or Android tablet, access to all the functions of the office suite. CloudOn service is to be too good that’s true.

You can Download CloudOn for Android / CloudOn for iOS write here.