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Twitter is certainly admired Social media website for sharing photos world-wide. Twitter does not allow simply retrieving images shared by a user, apart from the option of downloading them one by one from the web interface.

Actually Twitter does not showing photos like Facebook or Flicker, Twitter show photo with sliding tools or with automatic change feature.

To retrieve images of a person who publishes a lot, the method may be a little tedious.
With the Twitter image Downloader automates the download on the last 150 images published by a Twitter user’s choice.

How to download pictures from Twitter profile with Twitter Image Downloader?

Firstly download the Twitter Image Downloader software from the link below

Download Twitter Image Downloader

After downloading just launch it. The interface looks like this.

Twitter image Downloader

In the white box just type the Twitter user name (As I type Dinesh Thakur) of desired person whose you like to download pictures. Next click on Download button.

Twitter for which you want to download images then a Download button to begin downloading the images.

A priori, nothing happens, it takes a lot of time, and then after a few seconds the thumbnail images begin to appear in the viewing window. No interaction is possible from this window, the program simply points when downloading all images is completed.
In fact, the images are downloaded to a folder location from which was launched Twitter Image Downloader, a folder is created for each user that contains the full-size images as they were posted on Twitter.