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The Google Drive, a cloud storage service; with it you can share files and folder with your circles on Google+ or by email. Thus, the file is always up to date; there is no need to return for access to the latest changes.
The Big G Drive offers a 5GB of free storage space on their servers for each registered user. When you install Google Drive, you can synchronize all documents, folders, and files from the suite of Google Drive. Do you know that it is possible to access Google Docs even when you‘re not connected to the internet?
Once the initial synchronization is complete, you can access Google Document directly from your computer. Just click on the links that point to these documents. They appear in your home directory Google Drive. You can recognize these files by extension ending with. .gsheet for SpreadSheets. Gdocs for Text and Gslide for PowerPoint.
Now, what happens if you are not connected to the web? It is possible to access the documents. Gsheet. GDocs and GSlide offline only if you use Google Chrome. Here’s how:

How to access Google Drive Offline:
1 – Install Google Chrome
2 – Since Chrome, Fireup Google Drive from

Google Drive Offline

3 – Now, Press the icon that looks like a gear on top right corner of  Google Drive page.
4 – Select the sub-menu is called “Setting up Docs offline.”

Google Drive Offline Access

6 – With that, all the documents on Google Drive will be saved on your PC for offline access.
6 – Install the web application, Google Docs Chrome Web App.
7 – Once this step is completed, your Google Docs files will be available offline.
To access any of your documents created with the suite of Google, simply press the link of the document appears in the directory Drive. Note that for the moment you can only access these documents in read-only mode.