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Google has launched a new option by default to all users the “cancel sending” email. The feature was previously reserved for the Lab, the laboratory of the American giant.
The “cancel sending” is finally widespread. Previously available in the “Lab”. Gmail which includes several experimental options or features, it will be gradually available in the basic settings for the email account. In detail, the functionality will cancel sending a message up to 30 seconds after being sent.
Within 5 to 30 seconds.The “cancel” button appears for five to thirty seconds – the time limit be set – after sending an email.
The user can also set the suspension, which will last between 5 and 30 seconds. According to google gmail, the message will not go until the deadline will not be expired. If canceled, the mail goes straight into the “drafts” folder. Already available in the application by Gmail Inbox, the feature will be gradually integrated through the website and the official application.
Please note that the feature does not “catch up” email already sent: it simply establishes a deadline for sending that lets you react when you press a little too fast on the “send” button. Once a real party message, it is impossible to recover it.