DropBox to Gmail

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Every day, millions of users use their Gmail accounts to send and receive messages or any type of files they have on their computers or mobile devices, but with the arrival of Dropbox latest google Service, The Gmail users can now attach files from Dropbox cloud.

How does it work?

This article will show you how to send a file you have in Dropbox to your contacts without having to download it to your PC or mobile.

First, you must ensure that you download the Dropbox for Gmail an extension for Google Chrome, currently in beta that is to say a test version, which will empower us shipping the files that exist in the cloud Dropbox.

After installing the extension, Dropbox is accessible directly on the Gmail account by clicking on a dedicated icon in the send window messages to the right of the “send” button.

Dropbox for Gmail extenstion

Dropbox for Gmail extenstion

To add a file hosted on the cloud Dropbox in an email, Once you select Dropbox as the source of the attachment that will be attached to our mail, you must log in with your account. (A new window will appear where you have to identify and explore the file in Dropbox and select the attached file in). The download link is automatically inserted as an attachment for pictures as for working papers. The recipient does not need to have a Dropbox account to view. The principle is the same as the link-sharing feature of the Mac application, but this time directly available in Gmail.

You see, it is very easy and this extension of Dropbox for Gmail is still in beta but it’s very stable.

This is an interesting novelty; it saves us lots of time and resources

The link for installing Dropbox for Gmail in beta.