Gmail is one of the easiest to use webmail application, this email is an intuitive, simple and anyone can find themselves easily, but many users prefer to use even as third-party applications to manage their inboxes (send mail, receive mail …), among the most famous and most used, there are the Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, the two applications work well and fully compatible with Gmail.
To take advantage of its applications, you must know the setup, and most often, we must complete manual data, but many applications are able to do so without intervention.

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Gmail SMTP Configuration

Name of the Gmail SMTP server:
Gmail SMTP Username:
Gmail SMTP Password: your password (if you have chosen an authentication method)
Port Gmail SMTP (SSL): 25 or 465
Port Gmail SMTP (TLS): 587
Gmail SMTP TLS / SSL required: yes

Remember though that the outgoing Gmail server sets limits to prevent spammers from using 100 recipients at once and 500 messages per day. If you see this restriction, Google will block your account.