Facebook Deleted freiends

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When you start to have dozens of friends on Facebook, it becomes very difficult to detect if one of them deleted you from their friends list. And Facebook does not offer a feature to know this information or send you a notification to inform you. But that was before. Now, an application tells you.

To find out who removed you from their friends list, Facebook found the solution. With the application (or extension) “Who Deleted Me On Facebook“, it is now possible to know who has decided to end your virtual friendship.

How to unmask those who removed you from Facebook? To better manage your friends list, the social network engineers have established Who Deleted Me On Facebook, this application makes it possible to determine if a contact has removed you from its list of virtual friends.  Facebook: how to find out who removed you from their friends list?

For the survey to succeed we must of course install the application on their phone or their computer, otherwise you will have no warning about a potential deletion. The principle is simple: Who Deleted Me scans your Facebook friends list, regularly observed and alerts you through a notification whenever one of your contacts decides to delete you. But you will also be warned when someone adds you. The application is available on Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox for computers but also on Android and iOS. Here’s how it works.
The principle is simple: the installation, the application (or extension) scans your Facebook friends list. Then regularly, Who Deleted Me look again your friends list and mark those who have disappeared from your list. People who have deactivated their Facebook account are also listed, as well as your new Facebook friends. The application can receive notification when a friend removes us from their friends list on Facebook. Who Deleted Me is not a new application, but it comes to resurface. Facebook had blocked his access to the API there are a few months, but the developers have changed method: Who Deleted Me no longer requires access to the Facebook API to function; the application should run this time.