Facebook Messenger offers a new feature that allows you to send your location or a place that you selected in a conversation. This functionality is similar to what is already found on Hangout or Messages (iOS).

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To access this feature, simply open one of your conversations or to start a new one and press the “More” button that appears to the right of the microphone icon. Then displays the list of functions available to Messenger, in which just choose “Position” and select your location or that of the place you want to publish your conversation.

Share your location with Facebook Messenger

Your correspondent in conversation perceive a card that will show your position or that of the place you want to share.

The recipient only has to press the message to see where it was sent from, or they can select “View Map” in the Messenger conversation options for a more detailed view. Once you’ve enabled location sharing in Facebook Messenger, your friends can see where you were when you sent your messages.