The Social media King Facebook has changed tremendously in recent years, both in terms of quantity of registered users, user countries, or visibility of brands present there.

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Facebook-male-female evalution

According to Social statistics, in the Year 2010, the Facebook had 337 million registered users and after less than two years later, that’s become one billion and whom 50% log in regularly and 55 million just status update is made. But the average age of registered users has slightly increased from 29 to 30. Social statistics proof that social networking is not just for teens.

Statistics show that the current ratio of female on Facebook breaks down as 4% (52 to 48) in last 22 months. And on male side the ratio has slightly increased from 49 to 53.

At present there are more than 900 activities that are preformed on Facebook that interact users, and 30 billion piece of content that are shared each month (web links, news stories, posts, notes, photos, etc.).

FaceBook Country Statistics

On the most active countries, it is the United States the active users are (111,212,840) and if we check Population / Facebook user ratio the answer is 2.78 that still lead the standings, now followed by Brazil (absent the top 5 in 2010), India, Indonesia and Mexico. France has disappeared Top 5 there two years.

FaceBook brand Statistics

Among the most popular brands on Facebook is Coca-Cola is the top ranked and how strong it is (nearly 60 million fans) and regular. And the next numbers are Disney, RedBull, and then Converse. As for Starbucks who led the dance in 2010, the company is going backwards a little bit more each year to other brands.