Facebook increase his fans’ awareness with your brand or pages. Today we’ll show you how to enable Facebook notifications when updating held on Facebook Page‘s wall.

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Facebook notifications feature help you to keep track the updating held on Facebook pages that are subscripted by you. This means that as a user, you miss several updates to pages which you are subscribed. If you wish to be notified when Page releases an update, simply enable Facebook notifications.

enable facebook notifications

This new feature allows you to integrate the updates to pages in the “Notifications tab”. Useful if you want to not miss anything from one of the pages that follow you. “Receive Notifications” is enabled manually on each of the pages that follow you.

How to enable Facebook notifications for Pages:

Click Get Notification Option

  • Go to the page you want to receive notifications.
  • Click the Like button and select Receive notifications.
  • Here, you will receive notifications from the selected Page.

Lists of interest
For users, there is another way to receive updates from a Page. Simply use the lists of interest. To add a page in a list of interest, visit the page of your choice. Then select the Settings button and click Add Page to lists of interest.
In my opinion, the most interesting are notifications for administrators. However, the lists of interest are less intrusive to users.