How to Share your location with Facebook Messenger

How to Share your location with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger offers a new feature that allows you to send your location or a place that you selected in a conversation. This functionality is similar to what is already found on Hangout or Messages (iOS).

How parents feel Dangers of Facebook for Children

Theoretically, the social network Facebook is reserved for people over the age of 13 years. But in reality, much younger children there create accounts. They just lie about their birth year by completing the registration form … It’s easy! So, if you receive a notice soon that your cousin that you believe to be in second grade is about to celebrate his 22nd birthday, do not be surprised too Facebook and Kids.

Create your own Facebook review of the year 2012

Facebook publishes each year the major trends in publications and sharing on its network. This year your favorite social media allows you to create your own review of the year 2012.


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